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Oracle8 on Windows NT
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Lilian Hobbs, Ramu V. Sunkara

Oracle Databases on Windows NT is aimed at anyone who needs an appreciation of the facilities available from the Oracle Server on the Windows NT platform. It specifically focuses on how to use the GUI interface, Oracle Enterprise Manager, to create, design and manage an Oracle database on NT. However, this book is appropriate for anyone who using Oracle Enterprise Manager. By reading this book the reader will learn how to create a database and define all the components such as tables and indexes.It shows how to manage the database, tune it, and use it for Web-based applications. Other advanced features such as replication, distribution, and NT clusters are also covered.What is GUI? GUI stands for Graphical User Interface, which is what Windows is based on -- icons, pulldown menus, point and click functionality. Most Oracle databases are run on UNIX, which depends on code, and doesn't have the windows interface.Specifically written for the Windows NT database userShows how to manage Oracle databases using the GUI interfaceForeword by Dr. Jerry Held, Senior Vice President for Oracle Server Technologies

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 Oracle8 on Windows NT 
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